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Mother Earth’s creations have always fascinated me. Her ability to provide the raw materials to enhance the beauty of the environment in which we live and work is wondrous. This fascination was instrumental in the birth of Bruce’s Stone Solutions.

Natural stone is used in a variety of finishes ranging from natural to high polish, all of which will eventually require maintenance, repair, or restoration. This is our specialty. It’s all we do. I have a thorough knowledge of methods and procedures required to obtain the look that customer’s desire as well as the ability to think on my feet when normal methods fall short of expectations. I enjoy the challenge of a unique situation or problem and the process of developing a solution. I attribute a portion of these abilities to the experience gained while helping to develop several professional grade stone care products. To this day it makes me feel good to see a customers look of disbelief after restoring their well worn or damaged stone to its former beauty.

You could say I’m a hands on type of guy. I personally work on every project as well as maintain and repair my equipment. At BSS we work on one project at a time in order to insure the highest quality work possible. Our motto is “If you’re not happy, then we’re not done.”


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